After we had spent such a fantastic time at Bray, Co. Wicklow in April, we were obviously eager to welcome our friends from St. Kilian’s Community School in Bray at the MGG. It has been a fantastic week seeing 52 young Irish and German students spend their time together here in Franconia.

By coincidence the return visit coincided with the European elections and what better date could we have chosen. Among the many gifts presented by the Irish parents-association there was a hurley with a Gaelic engraving which can be translated as “There is no strength without unity”.

As we think that that’s what the EU and student-exchange programs are all about, we felt reminded of this hurley when the mayor of Wuerzburg Judith Roth-Jörg voiced the same message during the town hall reception on our last day of the exchange.

To all our friends from Bray: Enjoy the summer and we are looking forward to seeing you or more students in Wuerzburg next year!